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When your HVAC takes an unexpected break, it is going to be a problem. Then you ask yourself, how did this happen? Review your HVAC maintenance history or the lack of it. Have you been religious in changing the dirty air filters? Commonly, it has something to do with its pilot or ignition. Otherwise, it could be the thermostat. If it has been serving you for a long time, then probably, it is a matter of mechanical wear and tears. Have you heard unusual furnace noises lately? That must be it. Have you smelled any burnt plastic? It could also be its fuses, tripped breakers, or a dirty condenser or evaporator coils. If you have any of these, better call a repair serviceman near you.
HVAC repairs are quite costly due to the expensive parts of most units. It also matters on the area where you live as this will vary on the cost of living as well as the size of your HVAC. It also takes time to do an HVAC repair because the technician has to go through his checklist when inspecting a unit. Thus, a per-hour fee on repair would indeed be very costly.
Have you felt the air seems warmer than usual? The airflow seems insufficient? Bad odors and unusual noises? Water leaks and high humidity? If yes, then you probably need to have your HVAC checked.
HVAC maintenance includes coil cleaning, draining, an inspection of connections, thermostat function, refrigerant pressure monitoring, and motor operations.
Most AC repairs only need to have their Air filters replaced at least 4 times in a year. That is every 90 days or 3 months. Thermostat replacement ranks second, and then there’s defrost control, condensation drain, condenser fan replacement, compressor, coil cleaning, and capacitor replacement.